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JACQUELINE currently has a home studio where she works with students of all levels and ages who want to explore the art of singing. Jacqueline focuses on teaching students how to produce a healthy sound supported by strong technique, while incorporating ideas of character and storytelling. Whether preparing for an exam or festival, or coaching audition material, Jacqueline loves to help all students find their inner voice.

For information on lessons or coachings please send Jacqueline an  EMAIL !


"Jacqueline is my voice teacher, and she's AMAZING!! She prepared me for my lawyer play audition last year, and for the first time, I felt comfortable and confident in that pressure-filled setting. Plus, we had so much fun each week, and had some major breakthroughs that allowed me to build and enhance my skills and technique. If you've ever considered voice lessons, sign up! She's worth it!!"

-Krista Boryskavich, MCMA student

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